Why Managers Should Hire A Virtual Personal Assistant To Handle Emails?

Maybe it’s high time that you surrender your control over your inbox and hire a virtual personal assistant to do the job for you. This article will explain to you why.

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You are the team manager of an advertising company. Every day, you’ve been receiving hundreds of emails. This wasn’t easy as it consumes more than six hours of your time to do the chore, forcing you to stay late or Continue reading “Why Managers Should Hire A Virtual Personal Assistant To Handle Emails?”


#1 Realization

You know you own that world, for it reveals what your heart desires. For it, exposes your sorrow, joys, and dreams no one knows. Only music can do that to me.

I was in the middle of editing an article for a client when I decided to play Moira’s (a Filipina singer) songs. What I love about this girl is her ability to put her soul and heart every time she’s on stage. No, I’m not promoting or advertising this singer. This is not even a paid promotion. I won’t get anything from here for your information.

It’s just something hits me hard while listening to her. No matter how we tried to hide our emotion and inner self, fate (if you believe it really exists) will find a way to expose it. So, why not just let it go? Emotions — they can make or break your happy life. Cliche as it seems,  it’s the reality.

Welcome To My Happy Space!

I’m in the midst of soul searching.

Weird as it seems, but it’s my own way to achieve self-satisfaction. Thus, I’ve landed creating this website to express myself (forgot to mention that I’m a freelance content writer) and tell the world how wonderful it is to explore everything about the world.

You’ll definitely enjoy every bit of my travel adventure, my joyful moments (and rant as well) as a parent and some piece of advice.